Jennifer's Beaded Garden Home
Hello and welcome to my little slice of heaven on the internet!

Ever since I can remember, I've loved accessories. Being a typical little girl, I loved raiding my mother and grandmother's jewelry boxes and fancy clothes to play dress up. I was very much a girly girl and loved the doodads and frills.
At a young age I began my creative journey. Sewing, cooking, cake decorating, cross stitch, crochet, needle point, t-shirt painting and wall stenciling have been just a few of my artistic outlets.
As an adult I became disillusioned by mass produced, cheaply made jewelry. The thrifty Bohemian in me screamed, “$150 for a plastic necklace?!” No Thank you!
Design #144
I love original, one-of-a-kind, boutique creations of any type. I’ve always been in awe of independent artisans who create hand made treasures. Fueled by my love of learning, and my creative spirit, I became determined to create high quality jewelry.
My inspiration can come from anywhere…Nature, with all its colorful birds and flowers; Special places I’ve been; Architecture; even Music. They all fuel my imagination. Just hearing a song can create a flood of design ideas. I'll come across a particular bead, and it just speaks to me. Sometimes I see several designs & I have to hurry to get them down before they get lost in the next idea. Suddenly, my table is covered with goodies for a new project. I let the cares of the day wash away & I'm off again making something new.
When I started out, I discovered all the beautiful materials available. I went a little out of my head. Traveling 25 miles on a Sunday afternoon for a beading expedition, was all part of the grand adventure. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by a multitude of creations.
Design #144
My favorite materials to work with are semi-precious gemstones. I love the earthy tones & their sense of timeless beauty. Just the knowledge that it took eons of harsh forces to create these tiny things of beauty that now adorn my creations…well, it’s just awe inspiring.
I’m also partial to Hand-made Murano glass beads & Swarovski Crystals. So you'll be seeing a lot of pieces incorporating some combination of these. I try to make something for everyone, so I use a wide variety of materials. That includes the occasional antique or novelty elements I come across in my never ending search for new ideas.
Good materials are just one aspect of my quest for quality. Strength & durability are important too. Which is why I use the best techniques for assuring my designs will be around for a good long time. I wanted to make things you could wear in the real world, something you'd be proud to wear; not only on formal occasions, but to work, out to eat, on vacation or just to the food store.
Design #144
I'd also be more than happy to design something that suits your particular taste. So if you come across something on my site that's almost to your liking, but you prefer a different color scheme or length, let me know.
Perhaps you need a custom piece for a special occasion. How about matching jewelry sets for your wedding party? Even if you see something in my Gallery that’s already found a good home, all is not lost. I may be able to recreate it or at least design something with a similar look & feel. If you have a design or an idea of what you might like, please don't hesitate to contact me for a custom order. It will be my pleasure to work with you.
I’m never happier than when I'm creating new jewelry. I hope that you'll find the same joy in wearing my jewelry as I did in creating it.
Enjoy the site and have a beadiful day.
~ Jennifer
*A special thank you goes to my best friend and webmaster, who has been so patient with me. He has helped me get organized, made me a work table and is my biggest fan. I can't thank him enough!